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About EVA

EVA Emergency is a mobile application developed in Australia by a team of emergency coordinators and engineers.
Create a Company in our Back End Application, set up Sites, allocate Users and you are ready to go! It only takes five minutes. Check out our features!

Mobile technology

Use your workforce’s smartphone network to get them to safety.

– No hardware required

– Fast deployment

– User friendly

Add EVA Emergency to your site induction and see how emergency coordination and exercises become faster and safer.

ASSISTEM is an Australian company created in 2016.

We make sure EVA Emergency meets your expectations when it comes to emergency management.


About Us

We are a team of operation engineers and managers who have experienced first-hand the difficulties of adequately managing emergencies.

In 2016 we established ASSISTEM –the company behind EVA Emergency- with the objective to provide businesses with an assisted emergency management tool which is easy to use, quick to deploy and does not require specific hardware or maintenance.

EVA is not designed to work as a stand-alone emergency management system, however it is a valuable tool which can complement other tools already in place such as fire alarms, roll call lists, RFID card systems, evacuation plans etc.

Javier Artal
Managing Director ASSISTEM

EVA’s most notable features

EVA requires connection to a mobile phone network (incl. data) and adequate GPS reception.

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